Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Very Rare Encounter!

In the last few days Ice Cap has been seen many times. There have been many more close encounters as Ice Cap continues to pop up within a few feet of my boat. We have also seen her feeding on the rocks a few times around Gull Rock, Flat Rock, Whale Cove, Government Point and Boiler Bay. In one very exciting and rare encounter we saw Ice Cap skim feeding along the foam line in front of the Whale Center. While she was doing this she was lifting her head above the water and we were able to see her beautiful blonde baleen as she ate. This is extremely rare to see and is something I see maybe once or twice a summer.

Ice Cap was also seen having sharking behavior. As I reviewed my photos of her I could see tooth rakes and a bite mark on her fin from orca attacks. These marks were not here last summer so this is an attack that has occurred within the last year. Also on her fin are marks that suggest that Ice Cap has gotten entangled in lines. These markings are not recent, from 2008, and are seen on the bottom of the tail fluke.

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