Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ice Cap and Deuce

The last week on the ocean here on the Central Oregon Coast has been fantastic! There are two resident whales that have been in the area, Deuce and Ice Cap. Both whales have been feeding in the area, rather than just passing through on their search for food. This is an improvement as they have spent most of their time just passing through. We have had some spectacular encounters, especially with Ice Cap. On one trip Ice Cap popped up within two feet of my boat then proceeded to dive beneath the boat! I screamed! But it was incredible to see how comfortable Ice Cap was with us being in his home. On another trip he was spotted breaching and spy hopping. In the photo you can see Ice Cap as he shows the irregular white patch on the dorsal hump and the white circle beneath the knuckles. It has been a great week for the whales! I hope this pattern continues and we see these whales more as the season continues.

I know this sounds a little odd, but I was ecstatic to smell their stinky whale breath. The smelly breath is an indication that the whales are feeding well. A whale with good breath indicates that they are not getting enough of the right foods. Smelly is better when it comes to the whales! Join me in smelling the whale breath as I show you the spectacular marine life of the Central Oregon Coast! Call to book your trip today!

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